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Night Owls Collective offers custom solutions that fit your individual needs, budget and time frame.

Night Owls Collective (NOC) has been designing websites since 1998. We have the skills and experience to achieve great results for you. We’re not a large company nor do we want to be. We prefer to stay a smaller company offering a more personalized service. We can get your business started online and help you grow along the way. From creation to launch, advertising, maintenance, hosting and more we’ll guide you through the process and be there for you each step of the way. It’s what we love. It’s what we’re good at. Ready for us to help you? Below you will find a detailed description of each service that we offer (but in clear easy to understand terms). If you already know what type of service you need, you can skip this and go to our shop that has all of our packages available.

WordPress Website Design

Why do we prefer WordPress? After many years of designing websites from scratch and charging a large fee for this, we felt there has to be a better way. There is… it’s WordPress. We wanted to offer more affordable solutions and work with individuals and smaller businesses. WordPress allows us to do this. It not only is an amazing, solid platform, it’s easy to use, cuts the design time by more than half, cuts the costs for you and lets you maintain your website on your own. Please keep in mind though that WordPress itself, does require occasional maintenance and plugin updates. See more on this below

You won’t need to hire us and pay maintenance fees unless you choose to. That’s a huge difference compared to a custom designed website that your designer has complete control over because you don’t know how to change the content or images. That’s where they lock you in and you become dependent on them to make the changes for you and charge you for the service. We don’t want to force you to stay committed to us. We hope you will choose to on your own and we’ll grow together.

If you find that you’d rather have us do the updates for you to save time, we’d love to, but with us and by using WordPress, you at least have the option to do it yourself. We know it’s important for a small business to be able to minimize their expenses, so we’d like to think we can make that easier for you. Not harder.

Custom Bespoke Website Design

If you’re looking for a one of a kind, customized website written from scratch, we do that too. Again, it’s all up to you, your budget and what you envision for your website. We can create a bespoke design for you and still use WordPress as the platform, use Bootstrap, HTML and CSS, a shopping cart such as Magento or any method that you choose. We’ve done it all. If you’re interested in bespoke design, please contact us for a quote or read more on our Bespoke Design option.

E-Commerce Design

We use a very robust and scalable shopping cart system called WooCommerce. It integrates seamlessly into WordPress. They are quite the powerhouse together! It also works with all of the major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, WorldPay, First Data and many more.

With WooCommerce you have total control over your orders, products and inventory at all times. You’ll have a storefront that’s always open 24/7. You can even use WooCommerce if you run a service based business like we do. That’s what we use here at NOC and we love it. When you have us design your website, we’ll integrate the look and feel of your website right into WooCommerce.

If you’re in need of full scale custom solution or a shopping cart system separate from WordPress, we also offer Magento, BigCommerce, X-Cart, Shopify and Zen Cart design and development services. We can also setup and design any Joomla shopping cart plugins as well. Contact us for a free quote!

Website Redesign

If you already have a website and you’d like to freshen it up, completely redo it or make it mobile ready and responsive, we can help. If your website looks old and outdated it reflects on your companies image and not in a positive way. Over 60% of internet traffic is on mobile phones now, so if your website isn’t “mobile friendly” your losing customers, readers and sales. It’s imperative to have a website that displays correctly regardless of what device your visitor is using. By redesigning your existing website you can increase visitors and increase your sales! Any of our design packages can be used towards redesigning your website. Just choose your package and we’ll begin the process.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design was developed to make your site look good and function correctly on all types of devices. Regardless of what type of device the visitor is using (cell phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc…) it will scale up or down to the correct size without losing quality or functionality.

We design responsive sites using the Boostrap HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework built with modern coding standards.

You can read more details on our blog post: Responsive Web Design & Why It’s Important or choose one of our Web Design Or Monthly Website Plans to have your responsive site created!

Website Templates

We offer over 360+ beautifully designed templates to choose from for WordPress. A lot of web designers will speak badly of templates, but as a company that’s been in this business for over 18+ years, we have to respectfully disagree with them. Now before we get hate mail by a thousand design companies and freelancers… let us explain. Templates are not for everyone and templates are not for every situation.

For those companies who do not choose to use them, we fully understand their reasons. We used to be the same way. No, it’s not because we aren’t “real” designers. We can design anything under the moon and if you’d like to pay us the four to five digit figures to do so, we gladly will. But… we decided that this is not cost effective for the clients we are trying to work with, so we changed gears and our business focus.

As the saying goes: “Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it.” –Anthony J. D’Angelo So that’s what we did and that’s what we continue do. We take nicely designed templates, customize them, adjust them, “realign” them and create a website for our clients that is still very unique and their own look for a huge fraction of the cost.

This is how we are able to offer our web design services at a very affordable rate. You can purchase a template and customize it yourself or if you’d like you can purchase one and have us customize it for you at a price that fits your budget, you can purchase one of our Monthly Website Plans or view all of the Design Packages we offer.

We are always upfront and honest with our clients and we want you to know exactly what your getting when you work with us. There are other designers charging high rates and claiming they do “custom” designs when in fact they are using a template and just not being honest about it. That’s just not who we are or the way we want to do business.

Website Maintenance

WordPress does require occasional updates and is generally as easy as just clicking the “update” button. However there are times that an update can cause conflicts or issues with your website, template or plugins (what provides the features and bells/whistles on your website). Although this is rare, it can happen. When it does you can roll back your website to a time before the update if you have backups scheduled. If you don’t, this can be time consuming and costly to track down and fix. We recommend using a backup plugin (which we can help you setup) if you’re not on one of our monthly plans. If you use your hour blocks to have us update WordPress and/or your plugins and you do not have a current backup of your website and database and an issue arises, we will notify you of the estimated time to track down and repair the issue prior to beginning the work.

You can purchase hour blocks from us for your website maintenance if your not on one of our Monthly Website Plans. Website maintenance or updates consist of changes to your content, text and images, small cosmetic changes (fonts, colors, sizes), backing up your website, upgrading or updating WordPress and plugins, WordPress training for you or your employees or whatever general website help you may need.

Again, this is not required by us. This is only if you choose to have us do the maintenance for you or you want us to train you on how to do future maintenance yourself. We also recommend that you keep your WordPress website secure. We can assist you with setting up the necessary tools you’ll need to protect your website from hackers and from spam. If the unthinkable should happen and your website becomes infected, you can use your hour blocks to have us clean and fix your site. If your on one of our monthly website plans, we’ll handle updates and security for you automatically and it’s included in your plan.

This is all optional but we highly recommend getting even one of our smaller packages to put your mind at ease and let us do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on running your business.

You will never be locked into a contract with us for maintenance. You can purchase hour blocks when you need them or you can pre-purchase them and have them available to you at all times. This is great for last minutes updates and website emergencies. There are no strings attached and your hour blocks never expire! If you feel you want to go it alone, we completely understand and we’ll do our best to help you get started with the tools you’ll need.

Website Hosting

Most business owners don’t fully understand website hosting and they don’t really care to. We don’t blame you! Choosing a hosting company or package can be as difficult and stressful as choosing a new computer with a ton of different techie terms and options, when all you really want to do is turn it on and use it.

So basically, the easiest way we can explain it is to think of hosting (aka your server) as a big filing cabinet for all of your websites pages (aka files). The server is what holds all of those files. The server then makes those files available to your visitors to look at and interact with online.

We won’t get into anymore technical details than that. That’s in short, what your server does. There are certain ones that show your visitors those files or “pages” faster than others and there’s servers that have more storage room in them but really that’s the basics. If you’d like to discuss more technical terms and specs with us on what our servers have, feel free to check out or hosting packages or contact us.

For the rest of you, if you want to trust us to handle your hosting needs to serve your website visitors in a proper, reliable and timely fashion, then consider adding on a hosting package when you have us design your website.

Please feel free to ask us questions as well, if you’d like to understand your options better or just have general questions about hosting. We’d love to talk to you and just as we’ve done here, we’ll do it in terms that are easy to understand.

Marketing Online and Locally

Marketing is another area that can be rather confusing. There are so many different methods, terms and views on marketing that it can feel quite overwhelming to a new business owner just starting out. We’ll do our best below to outline the most popular methods used and briefly discuss what they are and what the benefits of using them are.

  • Online Marketing is any method that you use to get people to find, notice or interact with your company or website on the Internet. You might have the best designed web site online, but if people don’t know about you and can’t find your site, then all the time, effort and expense you’ve put into it can be wasted. We can assist you in promoting your website by creating a custom online marketing campaign to fit your needs and your budget. Let’s get your website noticed…
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one method that you can use. You target your efforts to just Social Media such as in RSS feeds, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and blogging sites, video sites like YouTube, social news sites and others. By doing so, you are encouraging people to share information about your website or company with their social networks. Which broadens your audience and can promote further growth and sales. Social Media is an inexpensive and effective method for increasing your website traffic and customer base.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. While your website is being designed it is very important that it’s created to be SEO friendly or search engine optimized. This way the search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo can crawl/scan and index your sites content. This practice will help your website get listed (show up) in search results. Once your site is up and running, the next step is to work on getting it listed higher in the search results for more people to see. You may have heard the terms keywords, metadata, back-linking, rankings or the phrase “Content is King”. These all refer to a small portion of good SEO practices. Here at NOC we understand these terms and SEO practices and we can help you with beginning or improving yours!
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is another form of online marketing. SEM promotes your website through paid advertising. When you search in Google and you see the top result with “Ad” listed beside it, this is SEM. That company paid to have their business show up there. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are among the most popular. SEM can also include PPC (pay per click) or CPC (cost per click) where you pay a set amount each time a user “clicks” on your ad or listing. It can also include CPM (cost per thousand impressions) which is where you pay a fee for each thousand times your ad or listing is shown. There are others, but we won’t go any further into that here, we’ll just keep it to the basics.
  • Email Marketing or Newsletter Marketing is one of the best methods to increase your leads, brand awareness, sales and help build trust with your visitors and subscribers. You can promote your product or services, deliver content of interest to your readers or even request donations if your a non-profit organization. With email marketing you have an open avenue to discuss, share and sell to your subscribers who have already shown interest in your product, service, your company or you as an individual. This is a gem to have in your marketing tool bag. We cannot stress enough the importance of building a subscribers list. Once you begin building your list, email marketing campaigns can provide you with details and insight into how effective your email newsletters and strategies are. Campaigns can track the results of each one that you send out. We highly recommend Google Analytics along with MailChimp for creating and tracking your campaigns. We can design your newsletters, manage your subscriber lists and send out and track your email campaigns for you.
  • Local Marketing is pretty self explanatory but we’ll cover some of the avenues that we feel are the most important and that we can help you with. Local Marketing or Neighborhood Marketing as it’s sometimes called is when you target your local community instead of online visitors or just the random masses. You can advertise or market through your local chamber of commerce, schools, sports activities, local events, direct mailings, ads in local newspapers, flyers, brochures, business cards, signs, banners, sponsorships, trade shows, conventions and the list goes on and on… All of these methods can help to drive sales locally. We can offer you consulting services on how to get started, where to go and what to do. We also can design your print material such as flyers, brochures, business cards, etc… We even design product packaging and trade show banners. If you can think it, we can design it! We have a wonderful relationship with a printing service and can get your items printed for you at a very reasonable cost.

These are just some of the many ways you can market your business online and off. We can help you get started and increase your businesses visibility. Which will result in more visitors, readers, sales or whatever your current goal is. We can help you achieve it and help you grow. That’s what we love doing! Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help promote your business, now and in the future!

Content Writing Services

If you need assistance with writing the content for your website pages, promotional flyers, mailings or your blog, we can help. Writing quality content is very important to make an impact on your visitors and to get listed well in the search engines. Content is King! Your content needs to be original, descriptive, easily understood and have some substance to it. This is where we can help with writing one page or a whole website for you. Just let us know what your needs are.

Graphics Design

Your website and advertising materials need to look good as they are a reflection of your business. We offer many various graphic design services such as creation of logos, banners, ads, flyers, newsletters, website images, business cards, wedding invitations, rsvp cards, letterheads, envelopes, trade show signs and banners, gift certificates, product packaging and labeling, car decals and much more. Contact us with your graphic design needs for a free quote.

Web Development & Software Solutions

Some of the other services we offer for back-end and front-end development and script installations include but are not limited to: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management Systems (CMS), Project Management Systems (PMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resources Management (HRM), Payroll Management, Groupware, Community Software, Help Desk and Bug Tracking, Ticketing Systems, Blogging Software, Message Forums, Newsletter Management, Chat Rooms, PHP/CGI/Perl/JavaScript Installations, Ruby on Rails front end design, Shopping Carts, Plugins, Modules and more. Contact us with your development needs for a free quote.


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