Responsive Web Design & Why It’s Important

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What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a type of design that makes your website adapt and change to fit any screen size or type of device. This includes desktops, tablets, laptops and cellphones of all sizes.

For example, if you resize this browser window (go ahead, make it smaller), you’ll notice that it still looks good at any size and is clear and readable. [Err…At least we hope we know what we’re doing 😉 ] This is because our site was designed to be “responsive”. Even if you’re reading this on your cellphone, it will still look good, is easy to read and fits the size of your phone very well. That is what the “responsive” hype is all about. It’s well deserved though. We love responsive websites and we love to design them!

In the past, designers would create a “mobile version” of a website that would be served to the correct device when they hit the site. So if you were browsing on a desktop you would see the “desktop/full” version and if you were browsing on you IPhone you would see the “mobile” version.

This would require a business to have two versions of their website. Which became costly and twice the amount of time and effort to maintain.

Responsive web design now replaces the need for “mobile” websites. With responsive design you can have one website created that will look and function correctly on any screen size or device.

Why is responsive design important?

Google frowns upon having “mobile” versions of websites and is putting algorithms into place that will give priority to websites that are responsive.

A website that is responsive will also save you money in design fees and maintenance costs. It’s worth the investment to have your website updated if it’s not already mobile friendly.

In the future when new brands, devices or screen sizes come out, your site will already be responsive and it won’t have any effect on your users experience. They will be able to view your website even if they’re on an old desktop computer or a shiny new cellphone. It won’t matter…

Being able to offer your users a good experience while visiting your site, regardless of what type of device they’re viewing it on will increase the chances of them staying and interacting with you or purchasing your product or service.

Responsive design will also begin to rank higher in the search engines once Google gets things in place. Search engine rankings can be critical to some businesses and even for all other websites it’s still very important. Who would want to turn extra traffic and users away?

More and more users are browsing the internet on their phones. They’re working, checking their email, shopping, interacting socially, researching and surfing on them more now than ever. Well actually, almost everyone is, look around you… You need a responsive website. It’s a must these days.

It will pay off in the long run by saving you time, money and may just bring more users to your site or at least keep them from leaving and visiting your competitor instead…

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